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Yuri Dolgopolov ( )
A Collection Of Confusible Phrases. False Friends and Enemies in Idioms and Collocations.
" " , 2004 . , , , . 7,000 , .
. Llumina Press, 2004 (524 .)   ( 185 )

: "A Collection of Confusable Phrases. False 'Friends' and 'Enemies' in Idioms and Collocations" , " " , .. , , , . , , , .

: , , , , , , , . , , , : keep one's head #keep up one's head; bring one's mind to something #bring something to mind; fight for something #fight over something; do something over #overdo something; hold an appointment #keep an appointment; lose one's head #lose one's mind; act as an angel #act like an angel; action man #man of action. , .

, , , , , : absence of mind #presence of mind; in low water #in deep water; find oneself #lose oneself; for a moment #not for a moment; snap to it #snap out of it.

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Llumina Press (), 7000 , . , :




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abandon ship
give up the ship
abandon ship 1. leave the sinking ship: The order was given for all on board to abandon ship.
2. (also: jump ship) leave an organization, a cause, etc., because one thinks it is about to fail: For weeks he worked eighteen-hour days, pleading with his staff not to abandon ship.
give up the ship quit trying and surrender; admit defeat: If you are sidetracked by small setbacks dont be discouraged and give up the ship.

abide someone
abide with someone
abide someone (negat.) dislike smb. very much: In fact, I cant abide him. Whenever I see him on television, Im inclined either to mutter angrily at him or to change the channel.
abide with someone (liter.) remain or stay with a person: If the American dream is to come true and to abide with us, it will, at bottom, depend on the people themselves.

absence of mind
presence of mind
absence of mind   the mental state of preoccupation, which causes one to do smth. without realizing it: Through absence of mind he walked out of the shop and left his purchases on the counter.
presence of mind mental alertness which enables one to act quickly in an emergency: With great presence of mind he grabbed the child and pulled it out of the path of the oncoming car.

accommodate someone to something
accommodate someone with something
accommodate someone to something adapt or adjust a person to smth.: One of the solutions of it [housing for low income people] is to accommodate people to the multi story residential building.
accommodate someone with something provide a person with smth., especially as a favor: It was very good of you to accommodate me with the ticket for my journey.

accurate in something
accurate with something
accurate in something free from mistakes in what one says or does: He was basically careful and accurate in his quotations and references to sources.
accurate with something careful about smth.; treating smth. with responsibility: When writing a composition, be accurate with your quotations.

achieve peace
win the peace
achieve peace achieve a state in which a nation or community is not at war with another: Neutrality is essential if we are to play a constructive role in achieving peace.
win the peace (of a country defeated in war) undergo successful reconstruction: As the doubters predicted, we may have had enough troops to win the war but not nearly enough to win the peace.

Achilles of England, the
English Achilles, the
Achilles of England, the the name given to the Duke of Wellington (1769-1852).
English Achilles, the the name given to John-Talbot, first Earl of Shrewsbury (1373-1453): This man was John Talbot, known as the English Achilles, and hero of countless battles.

act as angel
act like an angel             
act as angel act as a sponsor for a firm, organization, etc.: It was agreed that he should act as angel to the enterprise.
act like an angel be a very good actor; be an excellent performer: She sings and acts like an angel and is extremely pleased because Wolfgang has served her extraordinarily well.

action man                
man of action
action man (coll.) a person who makes a show of being very vigorous and energetic: I had very little in common with the sort of larger-than-life action man I played in film after film.
man of action smb. who does things and is not content to just meditate or talk: Foscolo was intended for a man of action and strife: ease and fortune unnerved and demoralized him.

actual time
real time
actual time the time to be compared with the standard or expected time: The actual time of its [Indian summer] occurrence and the character of the weather appear also to vary for different regions.
real time 1. the time during which a process or event occurs: The real time of Christs birth can no more affect the proper use of this system than that of any other indifferent event. 
2. said of the processing of data which occurs as it is generated: A higher speed in computers means that they can more easily engage in activities in what we call real time.
Note: Neither expression is equivalent in meaning to the phrase true time the time according to the position of the sun: True (nonrelative) time can only be measured by using a constant, such as the objective speed of light.

Adam and Eve on a raft            
Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck them
Adam and Eve on a raft (US sl.) two poached eggs on toast: There were Zepps in a cloud (sausages and mashed) and Adam and Eve on a raft.
Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck them (US sl.) two scrambled eggs on toast: You ask for scrambled eggs on toast, and the waitress says to the chef, we need an Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck them.

add in something
add on something
add in something 1. put or pour smth., especially in recipes: Add in the flour a little at a time.
2. attach or include smth., usually in the middle of a calculation: Before you finish the totals, please add in these new figures.
add on something attach smth., usually at the end of a calculation, list, etc.: She wrote me rather a cold letter, even the inquiry about my health looked as if it had been added on as an afterthought.

add to taste
add to the taste
add to taste (in recipes) add in the amount preferred: Tear small pieces from the Hungarian pepper and add to taste; these small peppers are very hot, so begin with just a few pieces.
add to the taste improve the taste (of a dish): What is of little doubt is that all those spices not only add to the taste but are good for your health.

address oneself to someone
address someone
address oneself to someone speak or appeal to a person: Even Mrs. Delvile evidently desired her absence; since she preferably addressed herself to any one else who was present.
address someone 1. = address oneself to someone: The Education Secretary had to address a hostile crowd of teachers.
2. speak to a person using a nickname or a title: Dont address me as Colonel; Im only a major.

Admiral of the White
White Admiral
Admiral of the White (UK hist.) admiral of the White Squadron (one of the three divisions of the Royal Navy made in the 17th century): Admiral of the Red, used to hold the center in an engagement. Admiral of the White, used to hold the van.
White Admiral any of several butterflies of the genus Limenitis: He had seen a white admiral circling higher and higher round an oak tree, but he had never caught it.

admit of something                
admit to something
admit of something leave room for smth. such as a possibility, explanation, etc.: A careful, detached study of his available statements, as found in the official publications, will admit of no other conclusion.
admit to something agree, often reluctantly, that smth. is true; confess to smth.: Just over a third of the juveniles admitted to owning a firearm.
Note: The expression does not fully correlate in meaning with the phrase admit something 1. = admit to something: He admitted owning a car which had an index number identical to one Miss Mallalieu had noted.
2. have room for smth.; allow smth. to enter: A commodious harbor, which admits only one ship to enter it at a time.

admonish someone for something
admonish someone of something
admonish someone for something reprove a person on account of smth.: They are frequently admonished for their failure to act quickly.
admonish someone of something bring smth. to a persons notice as a warning: A gallows erected on an eminence admonished the offenders of the fate that awaited them.

advise someone of something
advise someone on something
advise someone of something give a person information or warning about smth.: The motoring organizations have advised motorists of thick mists on the mountains.
advise someone on something give a person recommendations or advice about smth.: John makes a good living advising on interior decoration and lighting.

after a time
after time
after a time when a short time has elapsed: I didnt care for the place at first, but after a time I got to like it.
after time later than a stipulated time: We cannot wait for anyone who arrives after time.

after the manner of someone
in the manner of someone
after the manner of someone (of a painting, etc.) executed in conscious imitation of smb.s manner or style: In those days, I painted human interest subjects, after the manner of Mr. Rockwell. But I still hadnt found myself as an artist.
in the manner of someone (of a painting, etc.) indicating resemblance to smb.s manner or style rather than conscious imitation: They acquired Joan Miro pictures of the 1940s painted in the manner of a 4-year-old struggling to come to terms with the human face.

again and again
every now and again
again and again (also: time and again) habitually; repeatedly: I was absorbed in The Cloud on the Sanctuary, reading it again and again.
every now and again (also: now and again) occasionally; from time to time: Every now and again the ear could catch the sudden splash of pike meeting pike.

agree on something     
agree to something
agree with something
agree on something 1. have the same view about smth.: Musicians rarely agree on the way a piece of music should be played.
2. decide on smth.: Weve agreed on Spain for our holiday next year.
agree to something (of a suggestion, statement, etc.) view smth. with favor; accept smth. that has been proposed: Neither the people, nor their representatives, would agree to the plan.
agree with something 1. concur with a person in an opinion or statement: I think that it is great what Martin has done and agree with his last comment. 
2. (of two versions, accounts, etc.) be similar or fully correspond: This bill doesnt agree with my calculations.

ahead of ones time
before ones time
ahead of ones time (of people, new ideas, etc.) being too advanced to be accepted by ones contemporaries: Women and men who are ahead of their time can lead the present into the future.
before ones time 1. before a person was born, had arrived, etc.: There was at one time a little cinema, but that was before my time.
2. prematurely; before the due or expected time: His poverty, and continual harassment by the authorities had made him old before his time.
3. = ahead of ones time: Robert Owen, with his enlightened ideas on working conditions in factories, was before his time.
Note: The expression is not antonymous in meaning to the phrase not before its time used as an understatement of smth. that should have been done long ago: At last they are installing electric light in the main streets of the town, and not before its time.

ahead of time 
before time
ahead of time (usually showing approval) earlier than expected: The homework was finished ahead of time so he went out to play.
before time prematurely; before the due or expected time: So far was prepunctuality carried, that Her Majesty was ten minutes before time.

aim at something
aim for something
aim at something 1. point the weapon or object in the direction of smth.: He aimed at the far wall and squeezed the trigger.
2. plan or hope to achieve smth.: We are aiming at a higher production level.
aim for something = aim at something 2: Professionalism is all about aiming for the best.

air boat                                 
inflatable boat                      
air boat (also: air-boat) 1. a seaplane with a boatlike fuselage: The second class [of seaplanes], variously termed flying-boat and air-boat, consists essentially of a long boat-shaped hull, wherein the passengers seats are contained.
2. a shallow-draft boat driven by an airplane propeller: While the public sleeps, a Pandoras Box is opening to release a flood of hovercraft, air sleds and airboats on the long-suffering landscape of crowded Southern Ontario.
inflatable boat inflatable rubber boat (for use in an emergency, etc.): The crewmen had to be pulled from the freezing water by colleagues in an inflatable boat.

air gun
air gunner 
air gun a gun in which compressed air is used to propel the charge: Darned if he didnt up with this here air gun and plunk me with a buckshot it carried.
air gunner an aircrew member whose job is to operate a gun: Too old for piloting in 1939 he became an air gunner with 235 Squadron Coastal Command.

air letter
airmail letter
air letter (also: aerogramme) a sheet of light paper forming a letter for sending by airmail: An air letter is written on a special form supplied by the Post Office.
airmail letter a letter to be sent by air: Aerogrammes are less expensive than an airmail letter and have the same delivery time.

all but 
anything but
all but almost; nearly: Were all but finished now. Well be ready in a moment.
anything but (used as an understatement) not at all; the opposite of smth.: My father was anything but pleased when he heard my story.

all day and every day
all the days of ones life
all day and every day during the whole of one day and for a number of days afterwards: We had glorious weather for our cruise, sunshine all day and every day.
all the days of ones life for as long as one will live, or has lived: They had known only oppression and bitter poverty all the days of their lives.

all eyes
all my eye
all eyes (coll.) watching eagerly and attentively: She was all eyes as I unwrapped the package.
all my eye (UK sl.) utter nonsense (also: all my eye and Betty Martin): I told him about a secret process, but he knew it was all my eye.

all hands and the cook          
all the world and his wife
all hands and the cook 1. (Nautical) everybody on the ship: Martin threw on the engine, while all hands and the cook sprang to take in sail.
2. everyone from a particular group of people who can possibly work and contribute: Soon he was rearing his family, and all hands and the cook were busy as bees in making and caring for the home.
all the world and his wife everyone without exception (of an assorted group of people); everyone of importance: So much has been heard of Hardelot lately that its name must be familiar to all the world and his wife.
Note: Neither expression is equivalent in meaning to the phrase Uncle Tom Cobley and all a whole lot of other people  (used at the end of a list of names): When he had a dream, neither God, my mother, my teachers, the nuns, the parish priest, the relations, the neighbors, nor Uncle Tom Cobley and all could distract him from the dream.

all in one piece
all of a piece
all in one piece (also: in one piece) without injury; unharmed: My orders are just to get him to London in one piece. After that, hes someone elses worry.
all of a piece   of the same kind or quality; in agreement or harmony: Its all of a piece here. The men effeminate, the women unsexed.

all right for you                                                  
all right with you
all right for you usually said by a child who is angry at a playmate: All right for you, John. See if I ever play with you again.
all right with you (also: all right by you) suits you; is acceptable to you: All right with you, Bertie? Oh, Christmas! he said. I suppose so.

all the time
all the while
all the time 1. through the whole period; continuously: Sue said she knew it all the time.
2. very often; many times: Ruth talks about her trip to Europe all the time.
3. first and last; essentially: You probably are a politician all the time, which is why you never get to behave badly.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase all hours unusual hours (very late or very early): It is dark: it must be all hours
all the while = all the time 1: Mary went to college in her home town, and lived at home all the while.

all the way
all the way live
all the way (US coll., of hamburger, etc.) with all available extras, such as mustard, relish, onions, etc.: Id like one double cheeseburger all the way.
all the way live (coll.) very exciting; excellent: Man, this place is all the way live.

all well and good
its all very well
all well and good is used to express approval of a possible event or situation: If he offers to work on Saturday morning, all well and good, but I will not ask him to.
its all very well is used to imply sarcastically that a seemingly acceptable suggestion, etc. may be unsatisfactory: Its all very well for the doctor to tell me I need a months holiday; but whos going to look after business?

all-red line
thin red line
all-red line (UK hist.) a telegraph-line lying throughout in British territory (also: all-red route): Green tells of an interesting story of Flemings advocacy of a Pacific Cable and the All-Red Line.
thin red line (UK) 1. (dated) the British army (used with the implication of its supposed invincibility): Napoleon Buonaparte soon found that in the thin red line he had more than met his match.
2. is used of the heroic resistance of few against many: Englands thin red line of intellectual royalists is being overrun by progressive reformers who deliberately sabotage old-fashioned academic virtues. Cf.: thin blue line a line of policemen; the protective power of the law: Youve heard about the thin blue line that protects property and the owners of property.

allied to something
allied with something
allied to something (of a nation) related to another nation or connected by common origin: This group of nations is closely allied to the Eastern and Southern Asiatics.
allied with something (of a nation) having joined forces with another nation: Britain was allied with the United States many times in history.

allow for something     
allow of something
allow for something take smth. into consideration: It will take thirty minutes to get to the station, allowing for traffic delays.
allow of something admit of smth.; leave room for smth.: There are more than ten other important issues on the agenda, whose settlement allows of no delay.
Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase allow something permit smth.: Do not allow smoking in the car when non-smokers are in it.

ally oneself to someone
ally oneself with someone
ally oneself to someone unite or affiliate with a person: She sought to ally herself to the older members.
ally oneself with someone unite with a person in opposition to smb. else: The professor allied herself with John against the committee.

along the line                        
along the lines
along the line at some point during the course of a situation or activity: Somewhere along the line your strategy has gone badly wrong.
along the lines (also: on the lines) 1. following a certain pattern: The Communist leadership organized the country along the lines prescribed by the Soviet Union.
2. is used to indicate a general trend or direction of an argument, etc.: Some people might argue along the lines of Now is not the time to talk about alternatives.

amuse oneself with something
be amused by something
amuse oneself with something do smth. which helps to pass the time pleasantly and not become bored: The women amuse themselves with a game something like jack-stones.
be amused by something think smth. funny and usually laugh because of it: I was highly amused by a comment Bernard Shaw made once.

and no mistake
theres no mistaking                 
and no mistake without any doubt (used after a statement to emphasize the idea implied): Its boiling hot today, and no mistake!
theres no mistaking it is impossible not to recognize: Theres no mistaking the sects women by their downcast looks and black poke-bonnets.
See also: make no mistake about it / theres no mistake about it.

holy water
angel-water a perfume or cosmetic in which a plant Angelica (Herba angelica) is a chief ingredient: Angel-water, an excellent perfume: also a curious wash to beautify the skin.
holy water water blessed by a priest, used in the Roman and Greek ritual: Before the High Mass on Sundays the celebrant sprinkles the people with holy water.

answer for something     
answer to something
answer for something be accountable or responsible for smth.: The dull monotony of institutional life has much to answer for in the evil habits contracted by these girls.
answer to something 1. respond to smth.: The birds after answering to the call, darted off again.
2. be suitable or satisfactory for smth.: Weve been able to find the solution that answers to our needs.
3. match or correspond to smth.: He doesnt answer to the description of the missing man.

answer someone
answer to someone
answer someone say smth. to a person in response to a question: I didnt know how to answer her.
answer to someone be responsible or accountable to a person: If John cannot behave properly, hell have to answer to me.

ants pants
have ants in ones pants
ants pants (Austral. sl.) the height of fashion: You always think its the ants pants, and then something better comes along.
have ants in ones pants (coll.) 1. fidget constantly because of extreme nervousness: Why cant you stand still, do you have ants in your pants?
2. be impatient or restless: The boss has ants in his pants and wants us to have it all ready for him on Tuesday morning.

anxious about something     
anxious for something
anxious about something uneasy about smth.; disturbed about what may happen: And then, too, all the time you were so worried and anxious about the food and the serving.
anxious for something wishing smth. very much; eager to get or obtain smth.: An incredible silence reigned among the people, anxious for the event, and lost in suspense.
Note: The above distinction equally applies to the nominal phrases anxiety about something and anxiety for something.

any day
any time
any day 1. on any one day from now: This, too, is something that may happen any day now or that could be a few years off.
2. (coll.) is used to express ones willingness or preference: Id work with Mr. Murphy in Canada any day rather than stay in here with that new boss.
3. (coll.) without doubt: Why you are a good deal better-looking than her, Barbara. You are, any day.
any time 1. at a time which may be very soon: That womans going to give birth any time now.
2. at any time one chooses: Hes in a private ward, so you can get in any time.
3. no matter when; whenever: Any time youre stuck for a meal come around.
4. is used in response to an expression of thanks: Thanks for helping me. Any time.

any one
any one whichever one (person or thing) you choose: Join the Disc of the Month Club, and we will send you any one of these magnificent stereo recordings.
anyone any person; anybody: Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?

apply oneself to something
apply to something
apply oneself to something put all ones energy and time into smth.: If you apply yourself to the job in hand, youll soon finish it.
apply to something 1. turn to (an organization) for help, support, etc.: You must apply to the proper office for permission.
2. affect smth.; be relevant to smth.: These policies apply only to very large companies.

approve of something                                       
approve something
approve of something 1. be willing to accept smth.; support smth.: Her father will never approve of her marriage to you.
2. like or admire smth.: The wine was the very same which they had all approved of the day before.
approve something formally confirm or sanction smth.: The minutes of the meeting were read and approved.

apt at doing something
apt to do something
apt at doing something able to do smth. efficiently: He is very apt at picking up a new subject.
apt to do something having a tendency to do smth.: Babies who are small at birth are apt to grow faster.

arm in arm
hand in hand
arm in arm with ones arm under or around another persons arm: Sally and Joan were laughing as they walked arm in arm down the street.
hand in hand 1. holding hands: Molly and her future stepmother wandered about in the gardens hand in hand, like two babes in the wood.
2. (fig.) in close association; together: It provides a unique mix of a professionally educated workforce working hand-in-hand with volunteers.

art work         
work of art
art work (also: art-work) a fine painting, piece of sculpture, etc.: They dreamed of great art-works, lovely compositions, impassioned song.
work of art 1. = art work 1: Whether buying stocks or works of art he adopted the same technique.
2. is used to hyperbolically designate smth. skillfully made: His own papers were works of art on which he labored with loving care.

as a last resort                       
in the last resort
as a last resort as a last means; when everything else has been tried and failed: The imprisonment of a child should be used only as a last resort.
in the last resort ultimately: He was worried about his production figures. In the last resort it was the human factor that counted.

as a man                                          
like a man                 
as a man 1. (of a group of people) acting unanimously and at exactly the same time (also: as one man): They came forward as a man to welcome their leader.
2. in respect of smb.s personal character: The stature he acquired both as a man and a leader gave added impetus and credibility to the movement.
3. in the manner appropriate to men, as opposed to women: I went in dressed as a man.
like a man 1. in the manner of a brave, honest, and independent man: I think, if you havent the guts to act like a man, you ought to leave this girl alone.
2. feel in ones normal condition of mind and body: What is it that will make him feel like a man again, the king of his castle, and the leader of his domain.

as a matter of fact    
fact of the matter is, the
as a matter of fact in reality; in actual fact: As a matter of fact, the more he thought of this development, the more certain he was that he must not let it interfere with his judgement.
fact of the matter is, the the essential or important thing is: The fact of the matter is that she only married me because Zeeman wouldnt get a divorce, and she was punishing him.

as a reward for something
in reward for something
as a reward for something is used with reference to smth. given to a person to reward him: I receive as a reward for my services a post, with which I am well satisfied.
in reward for something is used with reference to the reason for reward: He was presented with a gold watch in reward for his services.

as a whole
on the whole
as a whole considered in its entirety: To judge the lines and angles of a figure requires analysis which is difficult because the observer is engrossed in the appearance of the figure as a whole.
on the whole in general; from every point of view: Some parts of your essay could be improved, but on the whole it is a good effort.

as good as
as well as
as good as practically; almost: He as good as promised me the job.
as well as in addition: We will travel by night as well as by day.

as hell                       
like hell
as hell (coll.) extremely; very much (used to intensify adjectives): Nobody believed him of course, and this made him sore as hell.
like hell 1. (exclam.) not at all; on the contrary (used to emphatically contradict a statement): Ive quite enjoyed it here. Like hell I have, she added under her breath.
2. (coll.) recklessly; desperately (used to intensify verbs): I just fired when something came into my sights and then turned like hell as something fired at me!

as it was
as it were
as it was 1. in the circumstances; as the situation was: If we had been able to find a taxi, we should have caught the train. As it was we were late.
2. already; by that time: We couldnt afford it. Taxes were much too high as it was.
as it were in a way; so to speak: He was, as it were, the missing link between the artist and the commercial public.

ask another                          
ask me another
ask another is used as an expression of boredom or a protest  against a worn-out joke: I say, Joe, whens a door not a door? Oh, ask another.
ask me another is used to tell that one does not know the answer: Are you fond of birds, uncle Nic? Ask me another, Greta!

ask for someones hand
ask someone for a hand
ask for someones hand propose to a woman: Ive told him I have asked for your hand in marriage and that youve rejected me.
ask someone for a hand - 1. ask smb. to help in what the person is doing: Sometimes you feel a bit stupid asking someone for a hand.
2. ask (the audience) for applause: Clifford asks for a hand for Sandra Bullock, but Sandra says she isnt finished yet.

assimilate something into something     
assimilate something to something
assimilate something into something adapt smth. making it part of a larger group: The costs of assimilating a traffic artery into an existing urban area are themselves a massive community burden.
assimilate something to something make smth. like smth. else: The laws of the defeated country were assimilated to those of the stronger country.

associate with someone
be associated with someone
associate with someone spend a lot of time in smb.s company (especially if that person is objectionable): Those extra-moralists refuse to associate with a convict legally pardoned.
be associated with someone be connected in peoples mind with smb. because of common interests, etc.: He was associated with, although he never joined, the British environmentalists.

at a distance
in the distance
at a distance 1. not too near: This is where you get truly wonderful views of the Acropolis seeing it at a distance, the Parthenon grows more impressive.
2. a long way away from smth. in time: Remembering this disaster at a distance, I now feel sure that it was not her fault.
in the distance far away: A sliver of an island appeared in the distance. The plane made a wide turn and continued its slow descent.

at a draft
on draft
at a draft   drink all of smth. during one continuous action of swallowing: He drank half a pint of beer at a draft.
on draft (usually of beer) served from a barrel and not sold in bottles: We had no beer on draft and a handful of bottled beers.

at a glance
at first glance
at a glance notice immediately without having to look carefully: When I warm up for a road race I can usually tell at a glance the newcomers to the sport.
at first glance (also: at first sight) when first seen or considered: This arrangement pleases at first glance, but soon fatigues the eye by its uniformity.

at a good price                         
at a goodly price
at a good price 1. sell at a fairly high price: Again, its wise to look far enough ahead in order to use the market to your advantage and sell at a good price.
2. buy at a very low price (also: at a great price): He lends people hospital beds, which he happened to get at a good price.
at a goodly price 1. buy at a fairly high price: He purchased the fabric at a goodly price, which drove up the cost on the finished product.
2. = at a good price 1: The Venus, being a rare and beautiful example of Roman sculpture, might well be sold at a goodly price.

at a heat
in heat
at a heat (coll.) at a single intense effort or action: The new articles having been thrown off at a heat, stood particularly in want of re-revision.
in heat (of animals) in the state of sexual excitement during the breeding season: Im no bitch in heat, she said between tight teeth, take your paws off me.
See also: at a white heat / in a dead heat.

at a moment                          
at the moment          
at a moment at one point in time (out of many): He looked up from the desk, caught her at a moment when, against her will, tears had filled her eyes.
Note: The expression does not fully correlate in meaning with the phrase in a moment 1. in a very short time: The maids are busy preparing your room but they will be done in a moment.
2. = at a moment: He forced the responsibility of two lives upon me, and, in a moment of indecision, I failed them.
at the moment 1. at present; just now: There are twenty two residents in a large converted private house, and at the moment many of them share a room.
2. at a specific point in time: That gentleman was really ruined, and that at the moment when he was about to attain his end.

at a price
at the price
at a price 1. at a high cost; very expensive: Theres fresh asparagus in the shops at a price!
2. at the cost of much effort and sacrifice: Such is Fords grip on the market, though it is one obtained at a price.
at the price 1. at the cost indicated: Other wines difficult to beat at the price include three wonderfully good dry whites from Hungary.
2. (of) at the expense of smth.: The issue will be whether the government will introduce the harsh measures at the price, it may be, of its own popularity.

at a push
at one push
at a push (coll.) if compelled by need or circumstances: We can sleep seven or eight people in the house at a push.
at one push with one act of pushing: Do not press the shutter at one push, or otherwise the photograph may be blurred.

at a stretch                           
on the stretch
at a stretch 1. continuously; without interruption: It was impossible to work for more than an hour or so at a stretch.
2. by making a special effort; by stretching ones resources: We have provided food for only fifty people, but we might be able to make it do for sixty at a stretch.
on the stretch 1. tightened and extended: By the inspiratory effort the elastic tissue of the lungs is put on the stretch.
2. = at a stretch 1: He tells me that the Finns recite their poems six or seven hours on the stretch, spelling one another, as we say in New England.
3. (coll.) using exaggerated statements: Hes always on the stretch... He never tells the truth except by mistake.
4. in the state of nervous tension: The insects whirred and buzzed and the noise kept Harrys nerves on the stretch.
5. using ones utmost powers: Me and my stoker were on the stretch all the time, doing two things at once attending to the engine and looking out.
at a stroke
at the stroke
at a stroke suddenly and with a single action or effort: Some companies were currently in trouble because Mr. Heath changed strategy at a stroke.
at the stroke at exactly the time stated or agreed upon: We agreed to meet for lunch, and he arrived at the stroke.

at a time                                                                  
at one time
at a time 1. simultaneously at any one time: We present items, three at a time, and ask informants to pick the one that is most different from the other two.
2. is used of a particular period of time: She grew up in the capital at a time when its artistic life was at its most febrile and brilliant.
at one time 1. = at a time 1: Lets start the dance again, all at one time.
2. at some time in the past: At one time most school teachers were men.
Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase at times at distinct intervals of duration; now and then: Our work is cut out for us, even though it can be heartbreaking at times.

at a trot                                                        
on the trot
at a trot at a pace faster than a walk: He looked both ways along the main road, then set off at a trot in the general direction of the Stones household.
on the trot (coll.) 1. moving from place to place: Two days on the trot carrying a big bag took its toll on me at only eighteen.
2. running away from prison, the police, etc.: I eloped with one of the boys and we went on the trot from the approved school.
3. busy moving from one task to another: Ive been on the trot all morning and Im exhausted.
4. one after the other; in succession: For three matches on the trot, he was really energetic and successful.

at a walk                               
in a walk
at a walk at the ordinary gait:  He watched her as she went past at a walk, the black Labrador and he both gazing wistfully.
in a walk (coll.) 1. do smth. quickly and without much thought: If you bother me too much, Ill leave you in a walk!
2. do smth. easily and without effort: The whole thing gets back to Duncan. If I can break down Duncans identification I can win the case in a walk.

at a word        
in a word
at a word at smb.s word or phrase by which an order is given: At a word from the guard they all splashed into the water and washed their faces thoroughly.
in a word (introductory or parenthetical) briefly; in short: Another morning came, but no wife. In a word, she was never heard of more.

at all events   
in any event
at all events anyhow; at any rate: Our landlady may be a bad cook, but at all events she does her best.
in any event whatever may happen: I hope to go tomorrow; in any event I shall go before Saturday.

at all hours
at any hour
at all hours continuously, especially at unusual or irregular times: Here, at all hours of the night, may be heard the rattling of latch-keys in their respective keyholes.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase at all times on all occasions; always: The accessibility of Italy upon this side was at all times a matter of anxiety to her rulers.
at any hour at any time; whenever one chooses: The knowledge that he might at any hour be called upon stimulated his studies of his duties.
See also: at any one time / at any time.

at an end                                                                                                               
at the end
at an end 1. of smth. used up or exhausted: I must warn you that my patience is almost at an end.
2. be finished; be over: When a checkmate is obtained, the game is at an end.
at the end 1. in the last part of smth.: I think the films a bit weak at the end.
2. in the farthest part of smth.: The tube is very short and closed at the end.
Note: The expression is not equivalent in meaning to the phrase in the end 1. finally; ultimately: Between two and three months were spent in the drafting of a document which in the end was rejected.
2. taking one thing with another; as things turn out: In the end, boys and girls dont communicate the same way.

at any cost                
at any price
at any cost regardless of how much effort or sacrifice is needed: In plain English, it is murder, and it must be stopped at any cost. You understand?
at any price 1. = at any cost: Peace at any price will not be a long peace. There will be more price to pay, over and over again.                 
2. (negat.) is used to emphatically state that under no circumstances will one accept or do smth.: Im going to leave you. I cant stand my father-in-law at any price.

at any one time
at any time
at any one time on each separate occasion: These were what were known as bottle shops, and could not sell less than a bottle of spirits at any one time.
at any time 1. at any given moment: The navigational system enabled our bombers to know exactly where they were at any time en route to Germany.
2. at a time which may be very soon: We may need the trucks at any time. Ill phone if I want you to roll them.
3. at any time one chooses: Anyone is welcome to join in at any time during the day.
4. no matter when; whenever: If at any time you have questions, please feel free to call.
See also: at all hours / at any hour.

at arms length            
close at hand
at arms length 1. as far away from one as one can reach with the arm: The curtains fell together as the girl and the man stood at arms length from one another.
2. away from close contact or familiarity: Deep inside she does have a bit of affection for him, but their rivalry has her keeping him at arms length.
close at hand 1. very near; in close proximity: The monks were always mindful to establish themselves where there was water close at hand.
2. on close inspection: He was found, close at hand, to be no mean acrid man; but at heart a healthful, strong, sagacious man.
3. (of an event, etc.) coming on shortly: This was the moment at which the fortunes of Montague reached the meridian. The decline was close at hand.
at best            
at ones best                                                
at best even under the most favorable conditions: He can only tie the score, at best.
at ones best of smb. in the best state or condition (at the peak of ones talent, etc.): Although he was not at his best, he won the match.

at call                        
within call
at call (also: on call) 1. (of a doctor, etc.) available if required: She served as president, then followed that with twenty-eight years as treasurer, always at call, and handling the money carefully.
2. (of a bill, etc.) repayable on demand: As a first step, I secured my vast property, so that the income would be certain, and always at call.
within call of smb. near enough to be summoned by calling: Captain Ross was still away on duty, and there was nobody except the native servants within call.

at command
in command
on command
at command of smth. ready to be used; at ones disposal: A constant supply of hot water is at command over the whole house.
in command 1. having the authority to command: Like all those who are seldom in command, the master was proportionally tyrannical and abusive.
2. having control over a situation: He was looking more relaxed and in command than ever before.
on command at the order given: On command the mother ship would have oriented itself and determined when to launch its subsatellites.

at full length             
at great length
at full length 1. with the body stretched out and flat: He never walked again, but was drawn about lying at full length in a sort of bed-carriage.
2. describing smth. thoroughly and in detail: The purism of modern times and your fastidious delicacy would not allow me to give this story at full length.
at great length = at full length 2: He went on at great length about his favorite hobby.
Note: The expression does not fully correlate in meaning with the phrase at length 1. = at great length: He dwelt at length on the very considerable opposition in France to the entry of the UK into the Common Market.          
2. after a long time or pause: At length he spoke again, softly, as if he was debating with himself.

at full strength
in full strength
at full strength 1. (of machinery) operate at maximum capacity: Make sure the outside of the screen is clean and have the demister operating at full strength.
2. (of a group of people) in large numbers; with all its members present: The company is at last working at full strength.
in full strength (also: in full force) = at full strength 2: The Bumming and Gassing Company were out in full strength, the novelty of labor being a new experience in their existence.
Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase with all ones strength using as much physical effort as one can: He looped the rope over the branch and pulled with all his strength.

at full time                                                   
in the fullness of time
at full time reaching the specified or usual mass or dimension: Under magnification the cells of the Zuckerkandl bodies at full time resemble the larger cells described.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the adverbial phrase full time used of the number of hours normally allotted to daily or weekly work: All the factories we visited were running full time.
in the fullness of time at the proper or destined time: If, in the fullness of time, your children and your in-laws become friends, that might be just great.

at hazard        
on the hazard
at hazard 1. at random; without plan: The following examples were selected at hazard.
2. at stake; in danger: Their worldly interests were at hazard.
on the hazard = at hazard 2: Messalas whole fortune was on the hazard.

at high pressure                                          
under high pressure
at high pressure 1. (of matter) being strongly pressed: Steam and oxygen at high pressure are introduced at the lower end of the gasifier.
2. (fig.) acting with great energy and speed: As for Robert, he, of course, was living at high pressure all round.
under high pressure 1. = at high pressure 1: Like most of the organic superconductors already known, the new material loses its resistance only under high pressure.
2. (fig.) when strongly persuaded or compelled: It is increasingly recognized that working under high pressure for sustained periods results in stress.

at home          
on home ground
at home relaxed and comfortable because one is thoroughly familiar with smth. one is doing: Melanie is equally at home singing oratorio, spirituals, jazz or performing in musical theater.
on home ground (also: on ones own home ground) 1. in the area where one works or lives (with the implication that it makes a person feel confident and secure): Students benefit by experiencing interviews with prospective employers on their own home ground, without too much of a disruption of their studies.
2. = at home: Godber is on home ground, writing with cold-eyed affection about the Yorkshire mining communities of his formative years.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase on ones native soil in the land of ones birth: I am looking forward to going back to France and standing once more on my native soil.

at home in something
at home with something
at home in something relaxed and comfortable because one is familiar with a particular subject: It is difficult to feel at home in a foreign language.
at home with something feeling easy and confident about using smth.: From the day we arrived he was completely at home with the camera.

at home to someone
at home with someone
at home to someone prepared and willing to receive visitors: Mrs. Hill is not at home to anyone except relatives.
at home with someone 1. on friendly terms with a person: Leopold described his charm as magnetic and said he was at home with everybody.    
2. comfortable in a persons company: His genial manner made me feel quite at home with him.

at interest                 
with interest
at interest (of money) borrowed or lent on the condition that interest is to be paid: A sum placed in a bank at interest and not to be drawn before a set maturity date.
with interest 1. (of money) paid with interest included: The company will return your original investment to you with interest.
2. with increase or addition: The boys make monkey faces at me and I return the compliment with interest.

at large                                 
in large
at large 1. at liberty; not in confinement or captivity: They felt also that Hannibal was still at large, and it might not be well to drive him to despair.
2. unemployed; without an occupation: Are you at large or have you any other occupation?
3. (of people) in general: Did the people at large approve of the governments policy?
4. without definite aim; at random: A single stroke well aimed returns a better result than a score which are delivered at large.
5. at great length; in detail: My mother and I talked at large on the subject.
in large (also: in the large) 1. on a large scale: Are they pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth rather than their friends, family, and neighbors: their community in small and in large?
2. as a whole: Much of the information needed to produce a uniformly precise map will be missing. However, it is only the picture in the large that will suffer.

at last
at the last
at last at the end of a long period of time; after much waiting or delay: It is an uplifting thought that truth is to be told at last in a radical and attention-compelling manner.
at the last 1. at the last moment: From a certain point of view, it might be said that I betrayed Joan, that at the last, I made use of her.
2. during the final period of an event or activity: Ah, but you never saw him at the last. He was so patient and grateful not at all what he used to be.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase at the latest of smth. that must happen at or before a particular time and not after that time: Changes will become necessary by the autumn at the latest.

at low water
in low water   
at low water when the tide is out and far from the shore: Filey Brig is a remarkable ridge of rocks, projecting nearly half a mile into the sea and perfectly dry at low water.
in low water in financial difficulties: He was in very low water when I saw him last week he even asked if I could lend him some money to pay the rent.
Note: The expression is not antonymous in meaning to the phrase in deep water (also: in deep waters) 1. in serious difficulties; in trouble: I have not suffered as you have. But I have been in rather deep water too, in another way.
2. = in low water: Our business has found itself in deep water during the last year and may have to close down.

at need                      
in need
at need in time of need: Armstrong was careful to allow his young heroes the support of older men whose experience could be called upon at need.
in need requiring help: Many elderly people who are in need fail to apply for a supplementary allowance, because they are inclined to regard it as some kind of charity.

at night
in the night
at night is used with reference to the night time: I want to work for a newspaper, and study journalism at night.
Note: The expression is not equivalent in meaning to the phrase by night used with reference to the conditions under which smth. is done in the night time: In order to avoid the heavy traffic on the roads, some people prefer to travel by night.
in the night during the night immediately past: Shes exhausted. The baby woke up three times in the night.

at no time                                                     
in no time
at no time on no occasion; never: This organization has at no time been an official subdivision of the British Labor Party.
in no time very soon; very quickly: Our private lessons by professional instructors will have you phobia-free and swimming in no time.

at one
in one
at one in agreement: Here is an inner core of Evangelism in which all true believers are at one.
in one 1. combined; together: He is President, Chairman and Secretary in one.
2. in a single piece: The cloth is of no use to me if it is in several pieces; I need it all in one.

at one time and another
at one time or another                    
at one time and another (also: one time and another) from time to time; occasionally: And he wanted again the robust, moral exchange of love and passion such as he had had at first with her, at one time and another.
at one time or another 1. = at one time and another: But I lost that job, it was alright, I deserved to lose it, I was a dickhead but havent we all been at one time or another.
2. one day; sooner or later: Whilst a thorough understanding of the phenomenon is not required they should have a little background since all are likely to meet it at one time or another.

at ones fingertips
to ones fingertips
at ones fingertips (also: at ones finger-ends) said of facts, information, etc. readily available (as a result of thorough knowledge): Thanks to an excellent filing system, he has all the figures at his fingertips.
to ones fingertips (also: to ones finger-ends) completely; thoroughly: Frank was a gentleman to his fingertips. He was always good to meet and has a word for one and all.

at ones time of life
in ones lifetime
at ones time of life at ones age, especially middle age: If I cant bear a bit of pain at my time of life Im no sportswoman.
in ones lifetime for the duration of ones life; while a person is alive.: In my lifetime, four things have happened to revolutionize farming.
at play                                                          
in play
at play 1. playing games: Those who were at play, were gleesome and noisy as other children.
2. engaged in gambling (playing cards, etc.): This gentleman has been at play at that there gaming-house over the way.
in play 1. used of smth. said or done for amusement and not intended to be taken seriously: Dont be offended; I only said it in play.
2. said of factors actively involved; having influence: Mighty forces are in play in the present round of negotiations.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase in full play in full action or operation; acting with full force: The usual bustle was in full play.

at quiet                                  
on the quiet
at quiet at peace; in a state of calm or repose: The lives of the poor people arrested were saved, and the country remained at quiet.
on the quiet done privately or in secret: If my boy ever gets married on the quiet and plays the fool, Ill break his blethering neck for him.

at rise
at the rise
at rise (Theater) at the moment when the rising curtain discloses a scene: At rise we see an interview room with a desk and simple furnishings.
at the rise (of) at the start of smth.; at an early stage in smth.: The book accurately portrays American cities at the rise of industrialism.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase on the rise 1. on the increase: The stealing of intellectual property is on the rise and there are very few copyright laws out there to prevent these things from happening. 2. (of prices) going up: Now, with warmer weather and an improving economy, gas prices are on the rise.

at sea
on the sea
at sea 1. (of a ship) far away from land: If he knows the Morse code, he may listen to messages from ships at sea.    
2. (also: all at sea) perplexed; confused: The job was new to me, and for a few days I was quite at sea.
on the sea 1. floating on the surface of the sea: On the sea and large lakes ice seldom forms smoothly. Early storms break it and pack it in confusion.
2. situated on the coast, close to the sea-side: The duke abandoned the city of Benevento and went off to another city, which was situated on the sea.
Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase in the sea in the waters of the sea: These fish are found in the seas along the North Atlantic coast of America.

at short hand
in short hand
at short hand in the short term; quickly: The demo failed because the problem could not be solved at short-hand.
in short hand of a quick way of writing which uses signs instead of letters or words: She certainly didnt want to take him down in short hand.

at sight
in sight
at sight (also: on sight) 1. shoot a person immediately on seeing him: Had we shot Jodl at sight, that precious piece of evidence would never have been obtained.
2. reading music without previous study: That pianist can read the most difficult music at sight.
3. of drafts, etc. to be paid at once on presentation: Ill give you a check at sight on the Pennsylvanian Bank.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase at first sight (also: at first glance) when first seen or considered, usually with the implication that ones first impression is probably wrong: At first sight it seems, that the proportions are broken, but attentively peering in the works, you can see exact outlines expressed in movements.
in sight 1. within view: The small jet began to lose height, and soon airport buildings, a runway, and taxi strips were in sight.
2. in ones mental or spiritual vision: His sagacious mind immediately recognized and caught on to the only plan of salvation in sight.
3. of smth. likely to happen soon: That such a development is not now in sight does not offer conclusive proof of technical infeasibility.

at someones back
on someones back
at someones back 1. said of smb. pursuing or chasing a person: The enemies were at his back.
2. said of smb. giving support or protection to a person: He knows that he has the head of the Department at his back.
on someones back 1. said of smb. annoying or causing trouble to a person: All he wants to know is whos going to be Sheriff. Thats the person whos going to be on his back.
2. said of smb. being a burden to a person, causing him expense, etc.: Well, were the backbone of the country, but you see, Bob, theres too many people on our backs.

at someones command
under someones command
at someones command 1. at smb.s word or phrase by which an order is given: He presented, at her command, a rose that he gathered.
2. ready to be used; at ones disposal: Never was his inventive force more flexible and more at his command.
under someones command under smb.s charge or control: The editorial policy of the Daily Mail was under his total command.

at someones service          
in someones service
at someones service 1. being ready to help a person: I am at your service whenever you should need my advice.
2. ready to be used; at smb.s disposal: My car is at your service to take you around Rome and its surroundings.
in someones service working as a domestic servant: Miss White has been in our service for five years.

at the back of something
on the back of something
at the back of something 1. behind smth.: At the back of the house there was a large garden.
2. in the part which is farthest from the front: a room at the back of the house; a door at the back of a building.
3. responsible for smth., especially smth. bad: I suppose Mr. Tillotson is at the back of the plan to demolish those fine old buildings.
on the back of something 1. on the reverse side of smth.: On the back of the letter was a diagram.
2. in addition to smth.; immediately following smth. (usually of an unfortunate event): The child had the measles, and then on the back of that came the scarlet fever.

at the bottom of something            
in the bottom of something
at the bottom of something 1. in the lowest part outside smth.: I stood there at the bottom of the steps.
2. in the part farthest from the front: The poor relations were seated at the bottom of the long table.
3. being the real cause of smth. undesirable: Greed lies at the bottom of our ecological predicament.
in the bottom of something in the lowest part inside smth.: The fish we had caught were flopping about in the bottom of the boat.

at the conference                           
in conference
at the conference 1. in the course of the conference: A good deal of discussion at the conference has been about pluralism.
2. attending a conference: The gays at the conference were all people who had come out that is, openly declared themselves to be homosexual.
in conference busy at a meeting to discuss smth. or exchange views: Qwilleran went to see the managing editor, but Percy was in conference with the publisher.

at the cutting edge of something                                                              
on a knife-edge of something
at the cutting edge of something (also: on the cutting edge of something) involved in the most advanced developments in a particular field: It is unrealistic for any designer to expect to be at the cutting edge of the fashion industry for anything longer than fifteen years.
on a knife-edge of something (also: on a razors edge of something) on the brink of smth. bad or dangerous: The expansion of trade hasnt closed the gap between those who live on the cutting edge of the global economy and the billions who live on the knifes edge of survival.

at the end of the day
late in the day
at the end of the day (coll.) after one has considered all the relevant facts: The question at the end of the day is whether the house is actually worth that amount.
late in the day 1. of actions taken somewhat late and consequently not fully effective: Its a little late in the day to start talking about policy changes.
2. at almost the last possible time: It was the pensioners vote late in the day which influenced the election of Mr. Simmons.

at the heart of something                                                                                     
in the heart of something
at the heart of something at the basis of smth.: The two-stage module is at the heart of the American plans to land two men on the moon.
in the heart of something in the central part of smth.: The Verbas, another Bosnian river, rises in the heart of the country.

at the outside                                   
on the outside
at the outside at the highest possible figure: This woman is young, I suppose at the outside not thirty.
on the outside 1. on the outer side or surface: Make sure the contents are clearly labeled on the outside.
2. (sl.) out of prison: The funny thing is on the outside, I was an honest man, straight as an arrow. I had to come to prison to be a crook.

at the same time
in the same time
at the same time 1. coincidentally; concurrently: The punched-card method reduced the cost of processing information and at the same time accelerated the speed of producing data.   
2. at the same moment; simultaneously: The same stock may be quoted at the same time in the exchange markets of distant places.
3. nevertheless; while saying this (used to express reservation): Give them my best wishes. At the same time I must say I do not envy the girl.
in the same time taking the same amount of time: A black stone-ware teapot will radiate away 100 degrees of its heat in the same time that a pot of polished metal will radiate only 12 degrees.

at the side of someone                  
on the side of someone
at the side of someone (coll.) of smb. compared with another person: She is quite clever at the side of other girls.
on the side of someone giving support to smb. in a conflict, dispute, etc.: He told her that despite Callas harsh nature, she was always on the side of her students.

at the sight of someone
in the sight of someone       
at the sight of someone on seeing a person: Does running away at the sight of the police give officers reason enough to stop and search you on the street?
in the sight of someone 1. near enough to be seen by a person: One man that was convicted of hiding Russians was brutally killed in the sight of the townspeople.
2. in smb.s opinion; as regarded by a person: In the sight of the world, they were a happily married couple.

at the time of something                                                   
in the time of something
at the time of something at the particular point of time: I was in India at the time of my fathers death.
in the time of something (also: in the times of something) during the period associated with smth.: The payment of annates had originated in the time of the crusades, as a means of providing a fund for the holy wars.

at the top of the tree         
up a tree
at the top of the tree as high as possible in ones career or profession: Youre asking us to believe that a man absolutely established, right at the top of his particular tree, is going to commit forgery.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase on top of the world extremely happy: Eva was on top of the world about the play.
up a tree 1. (coll.) in trouble or difficulty; in a predicament (also: up a gum-tree): The news that no hotel accommodations were obtainable left me rather up a tree.
2. (sl.) alcohol intoxicated: Only two glasses of booze and he was up a tree for sure.
Note: The expression is not antonymous in meaning to the phrase out of ones tree (sl.) crazy; mad: Regardless of my personal feelings however, I do believe that Bill was out of his tree when he made this decision.

at the view of someone
in the view of someone
at the view of someone at the sight of smb.; on seeing a person: He tried not to laugh out loud at the view of his son, standing in front of him dressed like a woman.
in the view of someone 1. near enough to be seen by smb.: She stood in the view of everybody and uttered that strange and incredible prediction.
2. in the opinion of a person: In the view of the magistrate, the offence was not a serious one.

at this minute
this minute
at this minute (also: at the minute)  at present; just now: Shes feeding the baby at this minute.
this minute at once; immediately: You dont have to make a decision this minute.

at this time
this time
at this time 1. at present; now: A local man is under suspicion but there isnt enough evidence to justify an arrest at this time.
2. at some specified time in the past: He must have been engaged at this time in some such absorbing pursuit.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase at this time of day in present circumstances; when things have reached the stage they now have: Its no good changing our minds at this time of day; we ought to have done that before.
this time on this occasion: With the new scroll placed on the bulletin board all may see who made the honor roll this time.
attach oneself to someone
attach to someone
attach oneself to someone associate oneself with a person; become smb.s constant companion: Fred seems to have attached himself to a much older woman.
attach to someone (of blame, fault, etc.) become fixed onto a person: A lot of guilt attaches to Henry for his part in the plot.

attempt at something
attempt on something
attempt at something an effort to do smth.: The author states that this publication is the first attempt at a representation of our knowledge about vitamins and avitaminoses.
attempt on something an act of trying to achieve or accomplish smth. difficult: When Sir Malcolm Camp-bell makes his next attempt on the worlds speed record, he will be using a true jet-propelled speed-boat.

Austral English                                 
Australian English
Austral English the variety of English spoken by most inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand: In 1793 Austral English was barely born.
Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the noun Austral the language of the Austral Islands (an archipelago in the South Pacific inhabited by Polynesians).
Australian English the variety of English spoken by most inhabitants of Australia: There is Australian English, and American English, and Indian English recognizable as a matter of idiom and accent.

autograph book              
autographed book
autograph book a book in which signatures of famous people are collected: As I turn the pages of my dog-eared autograph book now, each name encapsulates its own little bit of history.
autographed book a book bearing the authors own signature: In this first edition autographed book, Captain Eugene Cernan describes his personal involvement in mankinds reach for the moon.

autographed copy
autographic copy
autographed copy a copy of a book, etc. signed by the author: On the day of its publication, Hank had gone jubilantly to Isobels back door, armed with an autographed copy for her and her husband.
autographic copy the original copy written by the author: The Library of Congress houses the autographic copy of the Declaration of Independence with corrections by Thomas Jefferson himself.


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